Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Christmas songs—the Not-Carols collection

I know the carols are important and we love them.  But we also enjoy the songs that celebrate the season.  Here are a few we most enjoy.

Gotta love Bing in December!


One more from Bing…  My favorite from White Christmas…Well, I like Sisters, too.

Madi requested this one:

I hadn’t ever heard this version before posting it here, and there are other versions I like, but I do like this guy’s other music.

Johnny Mathis is a little up the nose in his singing, but his voice is so perfect for this song!  And this is the only version I have heard that has both lyrics and the full percussion accoutrements. 

Total fluff—unless the special one is Christ! 

If you NEED the totally 80s Wham version…

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