Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Errands, bills and other sundries

Yesterday we ran out to sign papers for the new house.  We were excited for the opportunity, because we didn’t want to take time from our first day of moving to run around town showing the needed papers to all the utilities.  Now, seven hours later, we are even more excited that we got it done—if excited is allowed to look like dragging, hungry and tired.  Who knew it was such a hassle to handle all of these silly little things?

We ran to Wal Mart to pick up snow boots and gloves, paper towels and plates, and such.  It is expensive to live!  Then, so wrong, we indulged a whim and ran to a furniture store that is going out of business.  We would really like a few more sitting things for the new place.  Brian has wanted an easy chair of some sort for several years, so that is what we looked for today.  He fell in love with a beautiful leather chair that just screams ‘library.’  For all the work he does and all he is going to do this coming year, nothing would thrill my heart more than to have this chair in his new library.  Alas…  Even a going out of business sale is out of our price range.  We will have to still to folding chairs a while longer.

We aren’t quite finished with the details, but we accomplished a lot and have gotten started on the rest.  I have a deeper appreciation for those who move every year with a smattering of children in tow.  Packing, moving boxes and furniture and unpacking are work enough.  But changing houses involves so much more. 


  1. Between 1969 and 1982, I think we moved 15 times, including half-way 'round the world, although some were littler. But that doesn't count all the couch-surfing I did when pregnant with Diane.


  2. Moving really is exciting as you get to rearrange and do things differently. You will get over the tiredness, the packing and unpacking and really begin to enjoy the journey.


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