Monday, December 26, 2011


Politics is not really my passion.  I purposely avoid talking about it with most people because of the inevitable personal and emotional elements that come into play.  But this revelation recently came to me while listening to a sermon (that had nothing to do with politics).
I think I just figured out the need for political parties. It has to do with trust. We elect individuals who make promises, but e can't really trust any individual whom we have never even met. But we can trust with at least a little more reliability a PARTY. A party has a longevity and history that reaches far beyond any particular individual.
We also know that money is involved when allying with a party. That money may bring comprise and sometimes outright corruption, but it also brings accountability. Democrats tend to vote one way. Republicans another. If an individual claiming liberalism consistently votes conservatively, he will be disavowed by his party.  Or so we hope!

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