Saturday, December 17, 2011


I love making lists.  I am one of the nerds who adds things to the list just so I can cross it off and I don’t see anything particularly weird about it, either.  A list is not only chronicling what must be done, but is an encourager by testifying to what has been completed.  With that definition who wouldn’t add to the list just to cross the item off?  It is good and right and a joyful thing.

So, we are making a list for our move—are you sick of reading about the move, yet?  Well, sorry!  It is our first in 11 years, so we aren’t all cool and blasé about it.  This list is categorized and color coded and it makes me happy.  Now, while it is standard procedure to add finished things to the list, I find that I am adding undone things to the list, which is far less encouraging.

We are working our tails off, spending hours running around town, on the phone and sweating up a storm.  But the list isn’t getting any smaller!! 



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