Saturday, December 10, 2011

God is so interesting!

Remember our big prayer at the beginning of November?  Well, a tremendous about of heart-searching has occurred since then.  I figured out that I personally didn’t really want to move to Sacramento.  I don’t like the heat, the cold, the smog, the cost of living or the traffic.  That is plenty of not-liking to re-examine our plan. 

In addition to that, cherished friends live in Reno and we have been blessed to visit and see that commuting is not an impossibility.  We aren’t ready for it yet, but a move to Reno serves all our purposes.  My husband could retire from his present work location—which means with high seniority and enjoying the reputation for respect that he has earned.  We could establish residency in Nevada and our kids could attend a college while living at home in the fields of their interests (as we see them now.)  We still get the cooler summers and snow in winters.  Cost of living and housing is much less expensive in Reno than our other options.  And we are 100 miles closer to all our family members.

So, it took us a month to switch gears.  Meanwhile, everything we heard regarding transfers out of this location were that all was frozen for several years.  Well, guess what happened.  Coming home from signing papers for the new house in town (and paying a non-refundable fee), we heard that there were two hours left for Brian to bid for an out-of-town position!!  What?!?!?

My husband came in to tell me and we both just stared at one another.  How very weird.  We had prayed for this, knowing it was impossible.  Then we stopped wanting it, but it happened anyway!  I asked Brian if he wanted to forfeit the deposit and go bid, praying he would say no because I REALLY don’t want to live in Sacramento anymore.  He said that we put the money down, we don’t want to have him transfer jobs, so there is no point.  And we continued to stare speechless at one another.

God leaves us awe struck.

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