Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I don’t know where to begin

This is a phrase that dominated our move, or variations of it.  To sum up the move, I face the same problem.  The people who helped, the bruises, the providence of it all…  How do I being?

Since people come first, I will speak about them—though words don’t do justice. Friends who weren’t able to help with the actual move showed us their love and presence with texts, calls and emails all week long.  Just to have them check on us was a tremendous blessing.  On top of that, we had a friend loan us their car while they were out of state visiting family, another loan us their flat dolly and hand truck and another loan us his truck with flat bed trailer!  Holy cow!

The first day of the move, my night-owl, do-it-herself home remodeler, busier-than-all-get-out showed up at our house just as we got the keys to the new place.  She and her girls worked with us all day long, God bless them!  Next came a friend from church who was soon joined by his lovely wife.  Then my sister showed up with four extra sets of helping hands!  That load was unloaded so fast our heads spun!

That night we went to our young marrieds Christmas party.  My sister stayed home with the four kids she brought plus my own two.  She must have brought a whip with her because they unpacked innumerable boxed and made the living room and kitchen beautiful!  The kids’ rooms were set in place as well as they could be with missing beds and the place felt like home when we returned less than three hours later.  Amazing!

Girls spent the first night in the new place and boys slept at the old with the dogs, to save my allergic sister from killer asthma attacks.  We got to work straightaway the next morning and the other couple from the young marrieds group came to help, along with their son.  My sister and her kids also stayed to help the second day.  With the help from those hands and the borrowed truck, we got all the big stuff out of the house that day. 

My nephew worked his tail off those two days!  He was right in there, with the men doing at least as much work as any of the big guys.  I was blessed and humbled by his eager help.  My sister’s exchange student swung the other way and spent hours on the finer things of the new place.  She added decorative touches, organized and displayed all the things in the master bath, kitchen and living room.  She was awesome!

Later in the week our friends who were out of town returned and helped us with the dregs.  My girlfriend worked with me in the school room, incorporating all the supplies into some intelligible organization.  That room was emotionally difficult for me.  I had bought so much to be used with other homeschoolers, and those opportunities are not currently available to me.  I could have drowned in a pity party of lost dreams if it hadn’t been for my friend.

What a week of blessings!  I have been reminded by my Lord just how well He has provided for us this year.  The friends and family who pulled together to help us with this move was a tangible expression of love that overflowed my heart.

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