Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Excuse me, my crazy is showing

The problem with sharing updates on an ever-changing project is that it is an ever-changing project.  If we were to plot this journey on a map, just looking at it would require a dose of Dramamine.  We just fell in love with that house up in the woods.  It was positively dreamy.  We have wished and washed back and forth about ‘making it work.’  Currently, we have decided to give up that house and go small.

But who knows what the next hour will bring??

My little girl is having outrageous nightmares about moving.  While some reasoning goes to this being her first move, she is also dreaming about being sold into forced labor to help pay the bills.  Poor thing. 

So, we are not going to dwell overmuch on the twists and turns.  There is an end goal in this madness.  We will make it.  In the meantime, we will focus on Advent activities and continue with cleaning, packing and schooling.  One day at a time, but we must remember each day belongs to something bigger.

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