Friday, December 30, 2011

Fair Weather Friend

Random thought of the day

The term fair-weather friend is an oxymoron; one word cancels out the other.  What is a friend but one on whom we can rely when things are rough?  Someone who habitually disappears when the trials appear can’t honestly be called any kind of friend.  The accurate word we are searching for here is jerk. 

And if that person insists on calling herself a friend, then she is a lying jerk.  Lying jerks are in our lives so that we can learn patience and how to love the unlovely—and so that we can gain discernment about just who deserves to be called friend!  Don’t let yourself be confused.


  1. This is an interesting posts. Doesn't sound like the Cindy I know at all. Love you,

  2. I appreciate that, Leola. Thanks for holding me accountable and to a higher standard. Please forgive my harshness. I wrote this a couple of weeks ago in indignation and set it to post anytime after Christmas. I should have examined it more carefully after sleeping on it a while. I have to say watching one friend mistreat another still tweaks me a bit.


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