Monday, December 19, 2011

It’s Moving DAY!!!

It’s moving day, It’s moving day!  I don’t expect I will be able to get on the computer much this week as we close down one house and get settled in the new.  I am filling the next few days with some favorite music and pictures.  I hope you enjoy!

I just recently looked this song up because I had been thinking of my paternal grandma, Lawanda.  This woman was strength personified.  She kept her large family together and fought cancer for twenty years, all while maintaining a truly cheerful disposition and giving glory to the Lord.  I don’t think about her as often, and have fewer memories of her than I do of my maternal grandma.  My parent moved to Korea when I was six and then divorced, so I didn’t spend as much time with her.  I have a lot of cousins who did get to spend more time with her.  She was always, always nice to me, but I often felt like I was near the back of the line for her attentions.

The summer before we moved from the town she lived, she had a weekly sing-along with the cousins.  Weekly visits with Grandma were totally unfamiliar to me, so this was a very special time where I got to spend more time with this remarkable woman.  She would play the piano and we would all sing with her.  We mostly sang hymns, but this song was one I really loved and I requested often.  She obliged.


The sound isn’t great, but the version is most like my grandma. :)

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