Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another first!

For the first time ever we left our kids home alone.  I am not sure what the law says about this, but I used to watch my baby sister when I was in first and second grade.  Not ideal, but I figure six and fourth graders can probably stay home a couple of hours with relative safety.  I mean, their public school counterparts are likely coming home from school to empty houses, right?

Anyhow, we thought our kids would do pretty well, so my husband and I went on a much, much, much needed date.  They did very well.  They called several times, which I appreciated as evidence that they would ask for help if a problem arose.  They got along and didn’t destroy anything, so I think we have success and a viable option for the occasional day-date when we need one.

I must confess that during the writing of this post, I had to go finish a puppy-poo clean-up that happened while we were out.  I hadn’t realized that the fact that it is I who usually cleans would prevent my kids from knowing what it mean to clean up puppy-poo.  They thought that you spray it, cover it with a towel and walk away.  Then I guess the carpet would magically de-poo itself.  Yeah, well, that would certainly be nice!

Maybe my kids would think I am pretty neat if they knew just what I do!

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