Tuesday, November 16, 2010

“Old Mom” ??

Each day we begin by praying. We pray for whomever may be on our hearts, but we also use a list of friends and family so that we pray for them regularly. Today we were praying for my mom and her family. It was nice because today is her late mom’s birthday and her brother’s birthday was a few days ago. I began by telling the kids it is my grandma’s birthday and I told them a little more about her. I said I wanted to thank God for her. Then I looked to the list and saw for whom we’d be praying and let the kids know how cool the timing was.

Because of my parents’ divorce and subsequent remarriages, my kids have three sets of grands. In order to clarify, my daughter said, ‘so we are praying for your old mom, right?’ What? I tried not to laugh as I asked questions to figure out her thinking. Finally I asked, “So, if Daddy leaves me and marries someone new, you would call me Old Mom??” We never talk about divorce, and I would not normally suggest such a possibility so blithely, but I felt the need to make this more concrete for her. Her answer? Yes. Yes!?

No! I will always be just Mom. My mom is my mom. Booger.

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