Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Happy First

Mid-November 2010 005Reading hasn’t come easily to my little girl.  We have struggled with dyslexia, lack of interest and, most recently, headaches and fuzzy words.  We got her into the optometrist and discovered she needs reading glasses.  (I am trying and failing to suspect we could have picked some up at the drug store rather than pay the $100 the doctor charged.)Mid-November 2010 004

Anyhow, we picked up the glasses yesterday and she was just beside herself with excitement, showing anyone and everyone.  When we got home, she was quick to grab a book with small print to test out the new specs.  So far so good! 

The neat thing happened this morning, when I came into the living room to see my girl reading a book!  THAT has never happened before!

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