Thursday, November 18, 2010

It’s Official!

We have a new family member!   Ava Marie is our new little Beagle puppy.  Some friends were unable to keep their sweet dog because of allergies and coyotes, so we have had her for a week to see if she would fit into our family.  She is cuddly as all get out, and is wearing out our two year old Beagle with all the play. 
In fact, I think they wore each other out the first day!!  The second or third day that we had Ava, both dogs were so sluggish I because worried that they’d made each other sick!  they are bouncing back, gaining stamina and becoming good friends.early November 2010 006 early November 2010 010

Group training!
early November 2010 017
Sweetie girls
Mid-November 2010 002
How can such a little thing  take up so many couch cushions??
Mid-November 2010 003 Two doggies, wiped out from play

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