Friday, November 5, 2010

Learning about joints

Today we found out what it would be like if our fingers were taped together.  And I hated it.  I pulled away from Mommy while she tried to tape my fingers together.  When she was able to do it anyway.  I slapped and threw a tantrum.  She taped them too tightly and cut off my circulation.
These words are from my daughter, and everyone is true.  My nine year old knew better than to lose her smile, but it was the only thing she maintained while I taped her fingers together in order to learn how important our joints are.  I was taken aback by her strong reaction to even the idea of the experiment, but when she sat on her hands, shoved her fingers behind folded knees and began flailing around.  I still don’t quite understand why my normally game-for-anything kid was throwing a fit, especially when my slow-to-try-anything boy had a sense of humor about it all.
Oh!  I just figured it out.  It was topsy-turvy day!!  Why are moms always the last to know?
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Don’t let the smile fool you.  If she thought she could get away with tears, she would have let them flow! Instead she just flopped around like a fish.  When I finally cut the tape of her fingers, she shouted, "FREE!!" over and over again. 

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