Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What a class!

We had our Club PALS today.  It was really great, but so very intense!  We tested food for both protein and starch in different foods.  It felt so far out of my comfort zone, but really wasn’t so bad when we got into it.  But then…it was.  Eleven kids ranging from 2 to 14 in age trying to make charts and watch the contents of test tubes change colors is a bit much.  But it worked and it was good. 

Then we made tin lanterns.  The kids drew designs on little tin pails and then nailed holes in them so a light inside the pail would shine the design.  It turns out the pails were pretty cheap, so the nail did more denting than hole making.  Oh my!

We also worked on Chinese-style calligraphy.  The kids just ate it up!  But, in case you haven’t taken an up-close look at Chinese-style calligraphy, it is incredibly intricate!  It took so long for them to make their own names.  But they were having so much fun.

Finally, PE actually had three games.  All needed some explanation, then time to play it…

Once all was said and done, we took more than an extra hour for class time.  I am so thankful for such flexible moms in my group!  They are the tops!

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