Thursday, November 4, 2010

Final Results on my eyes

So, here we are, six months after my frantic calls to the eye doctor for contact lenses.  What has happened in that time?  Well, in the beginning nothing!  Since I called in late April and didn’t get in until mid July, I spent a lot of time doing nothing.  After the appointment in July, however, I tried out lenses designed to fix my astigmatism.  Those attempts at better vision either busted in the office, because the contacts didn’t fit, or left me wishing I’d never taken them out of the office, because they gave me agonizing migraines (hmm…is that a redundant term?).

I went in after that week of pain to say that I just wanted the normal lenses I have had, with color, since I lost the clear trial lenses several times—once while the lens was on my thumb.  After nothing for several weeks, I got a call letting me know my contacts were in.  Great!  I went down to pick them up only to find that there were no contacts ready for me.  They could hand me my prescription and order lenses for me, if I would like.  I explained that I was here because I had received a call to come in.  She said they must have gotten the wrong number.  What?  They called my number, and said my name and told me my contacts were in… OK.

So, how many contacts will my insurance cover?  One box.  Because all the trials each cost money.  Of course.  I should have known.  So, here I am.  Six lovely months later with a prescription dated 4 months ago, and a box of clear lenses in my original power.  Thank God for online lens distributers!  And thank God my problems are only about dumb contacts and difficult doctors!

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