Saturday, November 27, 2010

I support you! While I undermine your efforts…

For Thanksgiving, we were having some dear friends come over. My husband very much wanted to be here, so he decided that he would go in to work at 3:00 am. That would get him off work at 11:am and ineligible for being held to work another overtime shift.

In anticipation of the early morning, he went to bed early. I played with the kids a while, then sent them to bed. I stayed up longer to work on Christmas cards—December has a way of flying by before I get to the cards, so I am getting them out before the month even begins! I got lost in what I was doing for a while and suddenly the noise of the kids registered with me—as did the noise of the master bathroom. Shoot! Both the kids and my husband were still awake! I wonder if one had something to do with the other.

I went back to tell kids lights out, and stayed out my own bedroom, hoping the quiet would induce sleep for my husband, for whom the number of hours available for sleeping was dwindling. By then it was almost 11 pm. He had to get up at 2 to be to work at 3. I decided I would just stay out in the living room until 2 so that his sleep would be undisturbed.

But then 2pm came and went. I listened for the shower or any other clue that he was getting ready. The clock ticked as I reasoned that perhaps we was forgoing breakfast for sleep. More time passed and I thought the shower must be less important than a few more winks. Finally it was almost 2:30; he has a solid twenty minute commute, plus the time to walk to his post, relieve his watch and sign in. I thought maybe he slept through the alarm and I went to the room. I woke him up and asked if he was going in at three this morning.

He said, ‘No, I decided to wait until 4:00.’ Oh!! I felt like a heel! All my planning to leave him alone to get as much sleep as possible were undone with me waking him less than an hour before his alarm. Geez!

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