Sunday, November 21, 2010

Snow, snow, snow, snow!

The first snow of the season is here!!!  I just can’t NOT sing the fun song from White Christmas that begins with the title of this post.  Such a great movie with terrific songs!

I truly do love the snow.  I feel guilty about loving it because so many ladies up here suffer from near-depression symptoms because of it.  It seems worse than insensitive to revel in the wonder of the season when I know others are gritting their teeth for a long couple of months. 

But then, I survive wretched summer after summer.   And it is good to celebrate the beauty we see.  So, I will just revel here—privately, as the case may be.

Snow is magical to me.  I love how bright the night is because of all the reflected light.  I get caught up in the falling flakes when I stand and look straight up.  It is like being in a star-storm, with shooting stars all around.  The softness with which snow falls is so very peaceful to me, too.  White stuff can cover the land, and not make a sound.  It makes the dusty tired brown landscape instantly clean and pure.  Snow can simultaneously be vast in its scope—smoothing the land all the way to the mountains--while insulating and making cozy my small world.

I really delight in snow!  But we can keep the depths of my joy secret for only here, ok?

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