Saturday, November 13, 2010

Don’t mind the mess?

Schooling has become something really positive this year.  It took longer than I wanted to find our groove, but I do believe we have found one!  We are playing board games over lunch, making the most of the Adventures assigned by the Eastern Hemisphere Explorer, loving the stories and making our meals together.  I am even relaxing—a little—about the mess that springs up as a result of all the ‘fun’ we have.

early November 2010 013

See the insanity??  Laundry, blankets to fight the morning chill, K’nex, counting bears, more math manipulatives, buckets…  It is crazy.  But the atmosphere in our home is joyful, productive and cooperative.  That is worth having to choose your steps carefully, right?  That, and that the kids have become expert cleaners and can clear the living room in ten minutes.

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