Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Oh, I don’t know what I dislike more than asking others for things, especially money.  When I used to sell Pampered Chef, I lost so much money because I gave gifts, discounts and whatever else I could to my customers.  Even our garage sales had me giving more and charging less!  When I go out to eat, I give large tips to even the worst examples of service.  I pray that they will feel loved and blessed and will be nicer to their future customers—that may be me!  I am fortunate to live in a society with set prices for food and clothes or I would break my family bending over backwards overpaying for everything.

It isn’t because I have the money to burn.  I don’t.  At all.  I just feel this compulsion to give. I’m totally sick!

The compulsion to give doesn’t exactly mesh very well with the need to ask.  In fact, it puts me into some serious Psych 101 cognitive dissonance.  I get the shakes, man! 

Because of my nature, all of our homeschool group’s fundraisers have been designed to save me from having to ask for money.  Did I mention I am a little sick?  Well, I also happen to be the reluctant treasurer for this poor group.  Now we have had to restructure our finances in order to reflect the true costs of running a homeschool support and enrichment group.  Charges for members are going up significantly, and we wanted to offer a means by which they can continue participating in all the activities they choose without breaking their personal budgets.

Whew, I took a long time to get here, didn’t I?  We are now running a traditional fundraiser—collecting money and orders for cookie dough.  I am pleased with the program that we found.  Customers are actually buying an eCoupon card—like a gift card—that they redeem online or over the phone for cookie dough to be delivered directly to their homes.  This expands our customer base beyond traditional geographical bounds.  And the eCoupon does double duty by working as a discount card to several major stores!

So, if you are so inclined, I would be blessed beyond measure if you would head over to our website to order some cookie dough.  We have a PayPal option, or you can mail your check before November 30.  The fundraiser ends December 2.  All the information is there, including the six yummy-sounding flavors.  You can type in my name, Kalbach, or you can leave the field blank or type in KidsROCK and the money will go to either of those accounts.

Thanks!  I am going to go take some deep breaths.

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