Sunday, November 14, 2010


early November 2010 012We have been making great meals together for a while now.  The kids have been choosing them and then following the recipes on their own.  Yesterday was our final Australia day, and instead of lunch we made a traditional Australian dessert called Lamingtons.  It is a spongy cake dipped in chocolate frosting and rolled in coconut.  Since no one in this house does coconut, we skipped it and didn’t miss it!early November 2010 011

My son made the cake while I made lunch (rice, peas and pot stickers, baby!).  We cut the cooked cake into 16 or so squares and let it cool while we played Scotland Yard—a fun board game where five of London’s finest chase a suspect Mr. X through the city.  After it cooled, my daughter made the frosting and coated the cakes.

We let them set—isn’t that the hardest part?  Then we dove in!  No complaints here!  

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