Monday, August 30, 2010

Done with School!

We have finished our school year!  I exceeded my goal and we finished with time to spare.  This year (Core 3+4 Sonlight) we studied American History and it was a review for my son and I, and more of a survey course for my daughter. Next year (Core 5 Sonlight) we are going to study the Eastern Hemisphere.  I am so insanely excited about it. 

dark hands hold the worldThe reviews of the course seem to be in agreement that the Core 5 is pretty demanding and there is a big leap in expectations from Core 4 to Core 5.  I pushed us through this year so that we would have plenty of time to really immerse ourselves into the next one.  American History is reviewed in the years to come, but Eastern Hemisphere is never given this sort of focus again.  I want to watch movies, do projects, and have themed days at the end of each people group we study.  I figure that will be the best way to help the lessons sink into to their long-term memory, especially for my non-auditory learning gal.Early May 2010, Burns and Kalbachs 047

I have this whole next month to plan and schedule events to reinforce the lessons.  I really enjoy planning!  Too much.  I purposely bought a curriculum that doesn’t require planning.  I tend to choose planning over doing, and when it comes to the kids, that is a pretty stinky choice for me to make.  I hear myself saying thing akin to, ‘Stop bugging me while I plan this fantastic day.  I am doing it all for you.’  Rotten.

Hopefully, I can resist that temptation and get things settled pretty quickly and easily!  I look forward to recording on this blog the adventures we will have exploring the other half of the world!

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