Friday, August 13, 2010

Gone Fishing

My kids and husband were going to go fishing with one of my husband's old partners on Tuesday. My daughter had gone once before years ago, and still talks about it like it happened yesterday. It is one of her favorite memories. I was excited to give my son the experience.
Sadly, Brian and I got a stomach bug last week. The night before they were supposed to go fishing, my son said his stomach hurt. I held it in my heart, but said nothing. At four the next morning, he couldn't stand up straight because of the pain. They had to go without him. I cried.

What was bothering him didn't last the day, but he would never have had any fun that morning on a sloshing boat ride. My girl had a great time, but was lonely. Today my dh is taking just the boy to a movie to make up for the special time lost.

I don't always understand why these things happen the way they do. I had planned on walking to my eye appointment that morning--otherwise I would have gone fishing, too. I had to cancel that appointment. I am glad my son isn't sick the way I had been last week, but I am curious about the timing of it all.

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