Friday, August 6, 2010


We are doing school today.  I feel like I am holding on by my fingernails.  We are right where we need to be, but I am cutting corners--academically and with my spirit.  School has turned into a checklist and nothing extra!  I am so eager for the next year, and so distracted by the fun of summer, and so focused on the preparation for a new KidsROCK season, that I am short changing where we are right now. 

I get this picture of turning a tight corner on a windy mountain road where the land drops away faster than you can drive.  I am making it around the corner, but only on two screaming wheels. 

I want to have fun with school--but I want to be done with school!  I want to have fun with school--but I want to go play at the river!  I want to have fun with school--but I need to get lesson plans written, website updated, homeschool group money balanced.  I want to have fun with school--but insert any excuse you like here.  Geez.  I am an eight-year-old!

Last summer we were productive, on task, getting all this wonderful meat from the lessons.  And we finished early enough in the day to play all afternoon.  When we schooled through summer, I thought I'd struck gold.   This summer I am just a grizzled old man scraping at the saloon floor for a bit of dust. 

I must say that today is the first day I have felt relatively human after a stomach bug.  Maybe as I recover I will get myself in better gear.  I am bored of this life lesson--live for today.  Haven't I already learned it??  Hmmm....I guess not.

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