Thursday, August 12, 2010

JR. Ranger Day

I have to admit that we aren't real 'joiners.'  We stick to ourselves, probably to a fault and to our own detriment.  Yesterday we stepped out of our box and attended the Jr Ranger program at the Eagle Lake Ranger Station.  The kids had a blast!  It didn't hurt that some of their favorite KidsROCK friends were there, too!

My husband and I were really impressed with the teachers, their style and the games they played.  I like a mellow teacher who can still maintain order.  These guys did that.  The team building exercised they played were really neat and gave us some good discussion time on the way home.

The other thing I thought was neat was the family friendly atmosphere.  One teacher was pregnant, another had her three month old strapped on.  Last year we were led on a wild flower tour from someone who brought her nursing baby along.  What a cool place to work!

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