Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ny Niece's Birthday

Today is my dear niece's birthday.  I mentioned it to my sweet husband last night and he just sighed.  After a moment he said, 'She's 17?'  I confirmed and he said he can remember so clearly meeting her.  She was three and naked and infatuated with him.  She climbed all over him. 

My husband was not a kid person.  He was distinctly uncomfortable around children.  He grew up with just one brother, no cousins, and just never had occasion to be around people much younger than he was.  So, a naked little girl scaling his body and clamoring for his attention practially sent him into shock.  He'd hold perfectly still, afraid she was going to fall, more afraid to reach out and touch something he shouldn't to save her.
How times have changed.  I assume my niece keeps her clothes on these days.  And it seems to be the boys who clamor for her attention. 

And my husband?  While I wouldn't call him a kid person, he is perfectly comfortable around them.  And I am proud to say, doesn't even bat an eye at a nursing mom! 

Last night he was wrestling with dog and daughter when he cried uncle and said he was done.  My daughter said he needed a break because he is old *gasp.*  He spun around, grabbed her and put her on the couch to tickle her into submission.  No fear these days!

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