Monday, August 16, 2010

Help! She's all Better!

Oh, my goodness! My kids' regular modus operandi in recuperating is to be cranky as sick wears off. I don't especially enjoy that, but it is a sign that I have come to both expect and see as something good. Yesterday my daughter was better, but I forced to her stay laying down and kept her food mild. She cried and said she wanted to run. Run?

Apparently while my son and I went to play Bingo at the retirement center--a blog post unto itself--my husband promised my daughter that today she could run and jump and skip to her heart's content. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. But I have not gotten a good night's sleep all week and I am feeling most exhausted in the early morning.

Imagine my surprise when before 7:30 my daughter, fully dressed complete with straw hat, bursts from her room across the hall from mine skipping down the hall! I hear her in the kitchen for a bit. Then she skipped into my room to let me know breakfast was ready for everyone. I said, 'Well I guess we better get up, then, hadn't we?"

I came out here to find the books we'd read yesterday in her room were on the couch, signaling a clean bedroom on top of the all the skipping, dressing and breakfast-making. She barely sat for breakfast and hasn't stopped twirling and dancing and running since. It is only 8:24. She's got to wear out soon, right? And am I a horrible mother for wishing for a sluggish crank right about now?

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