Friday, August 27, 2010

OK, the Fly Thing is Getting a Little Ridiculous!

00314065We aren’t even bothering to count by ones anymore, so I guess it is a good life lesson in math. But having to count flies killed by tens gets a little old, no matter how dedicated one might be to capturing natural learning moments.  I am hearing the buzzing in my sleep!  Every time a door opens a new flock swarms in, those opportunistic buggars!  Hmm… Spell check doesn’t think that is a word.  Must be nice!

We are actually studying insects in science, and if I were a good kind of mom, I would trap one and let the kids study it.  While I am not above feeling like a brave Mickey Mouse slapping away at a throng of flies, it does feel too cruel to me to allow the kids to capture one and hold it prisoner.  I am such a girl!

But the apple doesn’t fall too far.  The other day, we bonded as a family while going after the flies.  As much as I am a girl, my husband is a boy.  He couldn’t resist teasing our daughter.  He told her there was a dead fly on her arm.  Will the insurance pay for the broken window if I say her scream caused it?  She put my own squeamish utterings to shame.  There was no fly, but she just had to go wash her arms anyhow.  When she was done, she came over and pushed her Daddy for making her scream.  What a girl!

Fun moments aside, I am very ready for the flies to go bye-bye once and for all!

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