Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mission: On its way?

One of the major missions I have as a parent is my kids being close friends. I am simply not content with using 'normal' as an excuse to allow for fussing sibs in my house. There are times I feel like a miserable failure in this endeavor. And it breaks my heart.

That alone would garner me the advise to let the mission go--unreasonable expectations leading to disappointment that could be avoided. But I am stubborn. And normal is just not our goal in any aspect of this life.

My girl has a sore throat. She had one yesterday, but all she got was sympathy and extra TV time. Today she is getting strict bed rest because we are kicking sick out of the house! When my boy heard these orders, he was sad for her and went looking for Daddy's iTouch to give her a little entertainment. It can't be found--I PRAY it is WITH Daddy!

I decided we could just go pile into her room with books and school in there. As I was making movements in that direction, I heard the tell-tale clink of the chess pieces. Hmmm...

I grabbed my camera and slunk down the hall. Sure enough, there they are! I know in 15 minutes they could be fussing over some something, but I will bask in this for now.

Actually, I came out to write this after taking a couple of photos. While typing this in, my son came out to make her some toast for breakfast!

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