Wednesday, August 25, 2010

God is Good

We have this poplar tree towering over the entire neighborhood that is dead as dead can be. It has been dead or dying for about eight years.

We took down this tree’s six friends that lined our backyard fence seven or eight years ago. We have called to have this one taken down, but we hit the same old rigmarole we always hit trying to do business in this town. It is either too expensive or no response at all.

I even called our insurance to see if they would help cut the cost. They said they sure would just as soon as it came crashing through the roof and around our ears. So helpful, those guys!

So our solution? I sleep in the living room on windy nights to ensure that our kids will only be 50% orphaned.

Imagine our surprise when someone knocked on our door yesterday afternoon and said he’d take down the tree, clean up the mess and be here the next day all for an itty bitty fraction of the quotes from the guys who’d bothered to show up to give estimates!!!

That is exactly what happened and today we have just a stump in the yard!! Whoo hooo! I can sleep in peace next to my darling husband on even the stormiest of nights!


  1. You are way too funny for me. God has you safe and in His arms no matter where you sleep. Love you, Leola

  2. Right you are, my sister. But I wasn't ready to be REALLY in his arms because of that crazy tree! :)
    I know...I am horrible.


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