Sunday, August 15, 2010

Get on the Couch and Stay on the Couch, or You have to go to BED!

You know it is a sure sign of recovery when the girl cries because she isn't allowed to run. Goodness, she keeps me on my toes. Yesterday she was fevered and lost her voice. She ached everywhere. Last night she was awake most of the time, unable to get comfortable. I slept with her and suffered likewise.

This morning her fever was on its way down, to our collective relief. We have bingo at the retirement center today, tomorrow and Tuesday because the regular lady is at a funeral. We also have--and this is the most important--friends coming for our monthly dinner and game night. We really look forward to this and had to cancel last week because Brian was sick. We missed last month because they were traveling. So we are all itching for a get-together.

Now she is all but healthy, but we want to keep her still to be fully restored. A backslide when we are so close to health would be such a disappointment. As willing as she is to cooperate, there is still something in her that wants to frantically giggle and leap around the house like a certifiable maniac. Lord, help us all!

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