Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eagle Lake Village

We have been a few times now to the retirement home to make some friends. The communication there leaves something to be desired. We are asked by phone to come and told what we will be doing, but when we arrive, no one expects us, no one has heard of us or knows what to do with us. Not a whole lot of fun...

But we aren't there to just have fun. We want to make friends, and I want my kids to be exposed to a wider variety of people. Mostly, I would like for them to serve--to be in a relationship where their desires and interested aren't top priority. I think we are achieving that.

Nevertheless, I have to confess that I was getting worn down with all the back and forth in our visits. We were finding ourselves just sitting for an hour through the bingo game and not really talking to anyone--except for my boy who has made fast friends with one of the ladies and has always belonged next to her.

Yesterday was needed for my fickle spirit. We were still not wholly expected or recognized. But we were welcomed warmly and we did end up doing what had been originally asked of us. And I am now pretty sure that one lady who has given me serious pause about our presence at the retirement home is actually a resident, which changes everything. Thinking that this isn't a trained and paid staff member, but another lady in need of care helps me to feel more patient and gracious.

Oh! But even as I type that, I am ashamed that I wouldn't be patient and gracious with any other human being. Goodness knows I don't need round the clock care, but I still need compassionate grace for all of my rough edges!

However it works out, I am blessed by the good things of yesterday's visit. We got to see the paintings of my son's friend. She told us stories, showed us newspaper articles and trophies, and was so unselfconciously proud to let us glimpse the life she's led. That was awesome!

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