Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Picture It!

My daughter came to me, with something I can only describe as gleeful guilt.  She said that last night she wanted to draw the picture.  She thought she should wait until morning but was afraid she might forget.  So she took the flashlight in her room, her notebook and colored pencils and drew a picture.  I think this was part confession, part bragging. 

She says she drew it in love.  I let that one be, but it makes me curious about what she meant by it.

Once I came to the computer, I called her over to tell me again about the picture.  I am taking a bit of dictation below.

"I wanted to see what it would be like if it was just me and God and no houses.  So I drew a tepee.  There is green grass and inside the tepee is a small little fire.  There is a bush and a small pool of water.  There is a  tree wtih a long branch with Jesus and me sitting down on it.  There are great big mountains that I think I made a little too big.   I added a gorgeous sunset.  OH, I almost forgot!  I added crowns, too.  A small one for me and a big one for Jesus." 

The photo just isn't good enough.  Wish my scanner would behave to give a clearer shot of her creation.  I have to say I wouldn't mind sitting in a tree at sunset by a pool of water with Jesus. 

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